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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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it does rain they will be ready to go either way but they still have a an hour before the graduation starts. you can see people getting their best seats to get their child across that stage. >> if i went to that kind of money to spent an ivy league school would i camp out. >> yes. >> very crowded. >> wouldn't you be excited, a good speaker. >> john legend went to that school. >> didn't he speak last year. >> it might have been last year or year before. >> good day to you it is already 9:00 o'clock. may 18th, 2015. >> okay. you know this spot from the silver linings play book from upper darby. we are eating breakfast at the the famous ll ankeric dine they are morning. bob kelly is there and will sit in that very booth where they shot silver linings play book. listen to this from last night. >> ♪
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>> man, that is kanye west performance, here's the problem, it had such dirty lyrics, curse words you could not really hear it and you could in the see him. >> what is the point. >> maybe he wanted it this way. >> we will go over best and worst moments from the billboard music award. >> then alex holley says you have got to try this. this is outside fourth and market. they have a lot of different kind of ice cream flavors. >> is there one in particular mike that you have to try. >> what is it. >> it is pizza pizza flavored ice cream. >> that sound fastty. >> but when i first heard it, i said i don't know but then i said wow this is really like pizza. >> this is a flavor, blueberry ginger, they have all kind of different flavors. >> it is called little baby's. >> little baby's ice cream. >> billboard muse ache ward
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last night and of course, like every other award show taylor swift was on the front row dancing. >> she was also up winning dancing good that is why its to the point where she has the the front seat, right. first row front seat right next to the stairs. you know she will win. >> yes. >> take it easy, just go up like this. >> gist give her a stage chair for now on because he wins everything. >> she's what was different. when they started the show, it is a live award show. we want to see live performances but they kick it off with the video. >> whole show was started with a video her music video bad blood. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bland new music video to start the the show. >> it is brilliant. now you have millions of views. people were sitting down
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watching that. >> is that her in the middle. >> that is her in the middle. >> look at that crest. >> selena gomez was in the music video lenham dunnham. >> i saw karlie clausen there she got model good looking friend. >> she dominated in the beginning by kicking off the award show. >> how much did she win. >> eight. >> now she's the most decorate billboard award winner with 20 wins overall for her entire career. >> she's just getting started. >> she has 20 billboard award alone. >> twenty. >> now look at that dress. >> boy she is in great shape good there is her boyfriend calvin harris. she has this process. she would go to her right kiss her friend. and come back and do him last, and kiss him and go. >> yes. >> seriously mike, my goodness. >> how long will they stay together. >> either way we win. if she is happy we're happy for her f they break up.
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>> he is the bearded dude right there. >> yes. >> he is a dj. >> yes. he were that with her. >> he did. >> he is a writing too. >> yes. >> they did the song together. >> i don't know who did what. >> can you make money by playing record, seriously thousands and thousands of dollars. >> you have to mix in it right. >> mariah carry was there. >> yes. >> it was big to see her do something live. >> she's always big. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> as you know she can get much higher then. that doesn't do it very often anymore. tmz found her tape of her practicing for her las vegas
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show. he hit the highest of high notes but she always used to do that. >> she dit last night we just didn't play it. >> what? >> she did do it. >> is she going to go high and she did it. it was a very long note. >> where would it be later on in the show. >> we will find it and play it by 10:00 o'clock what do you say. >> this is her new hit infinity right. >> it is a mash up of her classic vision of love and some other songs. >> this is when she started her new show in vegas. >> yes. >> she has 18 number one singles in her career. >> yes good that is what the the show is in vegas a. she takes those 18 hits. >> how about that sam smith. >> he won an award this was cutest moment of the night. he had vocal surgery. he cannot talk. so, this is what he did. he had q card. everybody was completely silenced. >> now listen to this.
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>> nothing to listen to. >> he didn't talk. and silence on tape. please say nicki. >> oh, my, god good look at her butt. >> look at that. >> shouting people out. >> yes. >> make sure you have some fun but it is really sad because his voice is so amazing. we just hope it is back to normal once he fully recovers. >> can you being at the top and have it potentially taken away. >> holding his breath. >> sam won for top male artist. he has a, there was a hemorrhage in his throat. that is what doctors are trying to fix. we will see what happens. >> brittany was there too. >> with iggy azalea. they are pretty songs. here it is. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right. so collaboration pretty girl. first time they performed on stage. iggy change her hair up, a little pink on the bottom. her boyfriend was in the audience. he is a very supportive boyfriend. >> let me tell but nick young. >> he plays for the wizards right, basketball player, very fashionable. >> no wonder he has so much time on his hands he plays for the wizards. >> you don't know about him. >> i know basketball pretty well. >> you have my second guessing myself. he went to u.s.c. they have been dating for a while. >> good for them. >> did you see phillies won five straight games. >> they did. >> yes. >> one direction one last night and paid tribute to the guy that left the group. >> yeah. >> once again i want to thank you guys have been so amazing. thank you for the the support. niles, if there is one more person to share and it is
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zane, thank you very much. >> everybody was wondering if this would mention zane. >> there was and then needed to spend sometime with living like a normal human for a while. >> kanye west was singing a song with so many curse word and you didn't really see him. here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so, this went on basically the entire performance. >> some people disliked it so much they actually booed at the end. >> he always tries to do things different. >> made in america and other concerts, he is all about just looking at my shadow, mask on my face, you can moth see my
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face. >> i believe he had a he just didn't want to be seen. >> maybe that was it. >> look at this. >> look at this. >> burning. >> kanye was basically a dumpster on fire. >> here's another one you see an explosion on a movie set. >> yes. >> what is best part of award show, as you are watching people react and saying things on twitter and social media and watching the mean come out. >> he got what he wanted. he is, he pushes the envelope, and the performance everybody is talking about it. >> he wins i guess. >> he wasn't even there maybe. >> he was just a stand in. >> yes,. >> he was sick. >> 9:09 now good so, the whole point of getting married is the real person you love, right. >> yes good what happens when a newly engaged couple gets a look at what they are looking like at 90.
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>> lauren, is this an app of some sort. >> it is just an active that they did mike. the college sweethearts making a a pledge in 30 days. you know how that goes, in good times and in bad and sickness and in health. that can sometimes get pretty ugly looking. lets take a look. >> you look fantastic. >> yes. >> you do not the look a day over 75. >> really. >> you do, but... >> oh, wow. >> i'm really nervous. >> here's what they really look like when they go to 50, and then 70, and then they do 90 so they seen each other age. not a day over seven 56789 it is a part of cut and field
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day series. they were far better handling how each other looked. >> then they looked and got their own selection. it is kind of like wow. she thought it was strangely comforting seeing her soon to be husband when he would be 90. >> i don't know if i want to do that. >> you know what you are getting in a few years. >> one of my friend say mike, at this age at this point in your life you should not look for looks because we will all be ugly soon. that is what they tell maine. >> that is a wonderful thing. >> we will all be ugly soon. >> one day we will all be ugly so were go for lux, you have to go to someone who treats you well. don't go for looks she says. >> i would suggest you not the say that again. >> it does makens is. >> we all get to the point -- >> everybody will be ugly. >> that is silly. >> good luck to your friend. >> my mom says, it is a strange thing when lou at the
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person you marry, you don't see how how they are they don't even age to you in a sense. >> you are a daily process. >> right. >> you look at my dad, married for 30 years. when i look him i see i hand back in the 20's. >> it is always just burn into her memory when they first met. >> yes. >> i was than the pennsylvania paying attention. >> you never listen to you. >> i listen to you all the time. i have voices in my head. >> you do have a lot going object in there. >> listen, you want todd hear had mariah carry hit the high notes. >> bill, did you he had it this. >> but i heard it. >> did she hit it. >> she did good let's hear it. >> ♪ >> she hit.
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>> i swear she has hit it higher than. that i mean only dogs can hear that high. >> maybe she hit it and you just can't hear it that one. >> that is pretty good. >> yes wow i almost passed out. >> i'm hure people are at home right now grab all your glasses. >> what is that clicking sound? people turning channel. we don't click the chapel any more. >> it is a button. >> so we went to a preakness party at piazza at northern liberties on the saturday. >> it was third annual preakness at the piazza. look at mike. it was a great time. it started to rain. we had to hide out under the dj booth dj royal philly, so amazing. great event. hundred percent of the proceed benefit, the great charities. at this point they have not done the final total but we know $125,000 were raised hoping to get to 150,000. you see us standing there i was the host.
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97.5 the fanatic and 1,000 people came and just to see the outfits beautiful hats, bright colors, i mean everybody came outlooking great. >> look at pat in his coat. >> he looks good. >> i had a dress in philadelphia, and i had a fascinator on mike. >> look at you. >> sheshe attached the fascinator with a hair bun. >> it is on south: and look at our executive producer tom loudon. >> he was selling ice cream at the event. >> he looks great. >> he sure does. >> so great to see people in color. >> a lot of times guys stick with black green. >> great to see you come out this some spring colors. >> so about an hour after the race was over in baltimore it poured rain on the tent and the whole piazza. i mean, drenching rain. do you know people were having so much fun they didn't care.
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they danced in the rain. >> look at that. >> they didn't care. >> they were still going. >> alcohol may have been involved too. >> yes. >> i have to tell you, i was not, and you know why. >> black girl hair. >> black girl problems. >> but close to the wire good she ran under the tent. >> oh, no, there is rain. >> the the hat. >> you have to save the hat. >> that is true. >> you want to wear it again. >> exactly. >> i get it. i totally do. i hope you drank black eyed susan's. >> hi sue. >> i will go outside and eat pizza favorite ice cream. >> here comes mike. >> anyway. >> the drink of the preakness is the black eyed susan. you probably didn't have one but i'll make you one
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sometime. we've got some changes coming up this week. hot and humid right the now and will be that way the rest of the the day to daze and tomorrow with the possibility of pop up showers and thunderstorms. but just in time for a rescheduled spring fling in media, delaware county, it will feel like spring again breezy, much cooler on wednesday with a high of 72. we are still in the lower 70's on thursday. friday, which may be getaway day for you if you were taking perhaps a four day weekend for, memorial day weekend 75 degrees, 70's on saturday. closer to 80 on sunday. it doesn't look lining we will see showers or thunderstorms for the first part of the holiday weekend. that is your seven day forecast, 16 minutes after 9:00. lets eat some ice cream, i cream, you scream, mike yearrick. >> we all scream for ice cream. >> so excited. >> this isn't just any type of
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ice cream. >> what is your name. >> my name is ryan. >> pete, do you want to be part of the segment too. >> come on here. >> so excited we rushed to the ice cream. >> what does the the name mean. >> little baby's. >> hey pete get over here. >> where did you come up with that good you don't like little baby's. >> i don't think of ice cream when i think of little baby. >> i'm's a little baby, you are a little baby so it is okay. >> you don't have a shop. >> we have two shops, we have one shop at 2311 -- >> world headquarters. >> and we have another shop at 4903 catherine street in cedar park. >> but i was a at a street festival in manayunk and that is where we saw bike. >> we have a number of these guys here custom build by haley tricycles. >> how do we find out. >> little babies ice good you guys have all kind of flavors but i want mike to try
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pizza flavored ice cream first. >> he will love this. >> it is really good. >> blueberry ginger. >> how do you come up with these flavors. >> it is a team effort. we work with people in different restaurants and other small businesses, throughout the area. >> do you have taste testers i cannot imagine. >> one of the charms of working here. >> stop talking and start eating. >> is this pizza. >> this is the the pizza flavored ice cream. >> is it pepperoni. >> plane today. >> that is freakish. >> it tastes like pizza. >> it really does good it taste like cheese pizza. >> he said, boom,. >> boom. >> what do we have next. what else. >> that blew my mind. >> everything tastes good. >> so what is everything, bagel with everything on it.
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>> you know, poppy sesame, garlic salt. >> that is blueberry ginger. >> i will do that? >> this is a bagel. >> it tastes like a bagel. >> this is blueberry ginger. >> yah. >> very good. >> how do you get bagel flavor in the ice cream. >> i think we take everything bagel let it set soak in the flavors, stream it out and as we put tonight we add the little extra ingredients. >> ice cream that you can adhere any flavor. you start with vanilla. >> it is just a plane base with milk, cream sugar and natural stabilizers and then the world is yours. >> but how do you do the pizza a one. >> we take a big pizza pie, 22 inches, smush it up, stuff
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it in the mixer and we add things like basil, and potato paste. >> where are you doing this. >> on frankford avenue in fishtown. >> that is the headquarters. >> we need to take a camera over there and see how to do it. >> it tastes like pizza. >> i'm not kidding. >> it tastes like pizza. >> do you want to go, george. i will come up with a pizza that tastes like chocolate ice cream. >> you will be able to do that. we share a space with pizza brain which is a pizza restaurant. >> and they make 50 flavored pizza based on our ice cream all the time. >> great guys. >> one more for the road. >> it is our short bread ice cream. >> yes.
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>> okay. >> non-dairy is coconut cream based. >> this is really good. >> the the winner. >> we will try more flavors here but when we come back the day when most men cheat specific day of the year when every man will cheat. >> one day out of the year, so we're cheaters. >> it is coming up.
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all right. your daddies watching this show in dallas texas right now. >> yes, he is. >> on line. >> he watches every morning. >> my grandfather watches too. hi grand pop. >> he a says, a piece have of your hair is sticking up. >> i think maybe this part. >> i cannot get my hair together. >> the other side. >> yes. >> it that is little thing here. >> i'm waiting for him to text me back. we will get it together. >> we will get it together. >> i'm trying to figure out this pizza ice cream. >> it is weird thing. >> why don't you just eat
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pizza. >> you can have it as ice cream why not have it the as ice cream. >> it is good. >> they are on to something over there. >> we have some teenage girls in the studio, so cover your ears, because this is a little weird. there is a day, they did a survey, what is the number one day that a husband is most likely to cheat on his wife? so, i was thinking you said it is coming up it is coming up. memorial day. no. fourth of july. >> nope. >> this day will make you so upset. >> it is the day of fathers day, the monday after fathers day. >> can you believe that. >> this is according to ashley which is a married dating site. >> if you want to have an affair go to ashley good yes, web site says it members usually triple during that time. the president and founder of ashley madison believes there is one major reason were dads
9:26 am
turn to this site, can you guess. >> what? good men are disappointed with how they are treated within their own family. they work so hard to provide for. fathers day gift, they say we will just cheat. >> men complained about this that everybody goes crazy for mothers day. >> before we start getting on the men out there same is true for us women and moms, they cheat the the day after mothers day. >> oh, well, you buried the lead on that one why are you attacking the the men when with men are doing the same thing after mothers day. when is mothers day. >> it already passed good that why is we dit. they have done their cheating. now we are worried about the men. >> day after fathers day. you didn't get any good gifts because they keep all of the gift on mothers so kids don't have any money left. we don't get anything. we look around. this is how my life turnaround. >> that is so hard. >> wife, kid i got the nothing going on. >> is that how you field. >> i'm not attractive to anybody any more. my life is a living nightmare.
9:27 am
>> mid life crisis. >> next day you go to the office and get it on. >> is this how it happened. >> i don't know. >> those ashley madison people are creepy. >> apparently they are in business. someone is giving them business. >> that web site makes money for cheaters. >> here's sue coming back. >> okay. >> pizza. >> i was thinking of you. >> you are so sweet. >> young woman you can listen new again the dirty talk is over it is promises on. >> yes. >> looking for a dress you don't to have buy one. why not just rent one how to get a designer dress like this for a lot less.
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we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate.
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>> welcome back, it is 9:30. so we're in the middle of a prom season, also a lot of graduations, you know, do you have get that perfect wonderful dress. but the thing is you get the dress, and then you don't wear it again and then stuck in your closet. what if a way where they can borough a may g designer dress for a lot less? charlotte's closet, joining me now, good morning jen. >> thanks for having me. >> i feel like this is all of the craze, a lot of people are talking about rent the runway. this is little different. more for teens? >> the teen and between set. similar concept. you get to borough amazing designer dresses for up to 75% off the retail price. >> for those people who may not be familiar with rental runway. what is it? >> simple. i log on from anywhere you cheese by designer being style, size, you choose another size, back up, sit
9:32 am
back, you wait for your package to arrive t arrives two, three days before your party. >> and then you just after you wear it -- >> you wear your dress then attach ups label we hanible dry creeping. >> simple. the funny thing is a lot of times we don't wear the dress again. >> exactly. >> why not just rent it. amazing thing the fact geared toward teens, we have some teens here. >> we do. >> let's see some of these dresses, here is kate. >> this is kate. modeling dress by joeline party gestures wear it to bart miss is a any winds of year activity there is dress retails for $300, and you can bore it for just $89. >> $89. >> oh, my goodness. well kate, you lock lovely. do little turn for us, let's see the whole dressment look at the back, nice little zipper there. thank you kate. next we have mary. this is mary. and she is the guest of honor in this dress, you can wear this dress for your bat mitzva for your sweet 16, homecoming, prom. this is address by blush that
9:33 am
retails over $200, you can rent it for just $55. >> just $55. oh that is saving so much money. we love it. okay then we have nice floor lent gown. >> this is chloe. she is wearing a beautiful dress by angela and allison retails for $330, you can borough it for just $85. >> so she can go to prom. go to a wedding in this dress any spring summer formal. >> yes. >> i can definitely see prom with this one. you look great chloe. kate mary and chloe. who are is charlotte? >> my daughter, our princess, who always goes to endless parties, always wants to buy a new dress. every party, i'm sure a lot of other mothers can relate, so now she can borough address for every party. >> how old is charlotte? >> she 12. >> really going to be coming into this with the homecoming dances. >> she is. >> how are things going now with business? >> we launch the ends of 2014. going real well. >> okay. >> our clients are hey, mom are thrilled, they can give their daughters amazing
9:34 am
dresses, but not -- without breaking the bank. >> how do you stay on top of the latest trends and everything for teens? >> we follow what the celebrities are wearing go to all of the shows make sure we keep on trend with color and style. >> here is the thing that i'm afraid of. i'm afraid i'll get this dress, rent it, then i'm so clumsy spill wine, well, they're not drinking win yet but spill grape juice on it is there an extra fee. >> 6-dollar insurance fee covers minor stains statements. we understanded things do happen. custom kearse just call us, and we work with them to find the solution. >> okay. so this just $6? >> worth it to me. thanks, thank you so much. what's the website? >> charlotte's dash closet. com. >> charlotte's dash closet. okay, thank you so much to our models. >> thank you. >> so now it is time to eat. let guess to bob. because we're having breakfast this morning hey bob? >> you got t hey good morning, everybody, having breakfast, famous boot, in the famous spot. having my famous breakfast.
9:35 am
made famous by an actor in a recent movie. breakfast with bob here. from upper darby when we come back.
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>> i guess you can call this breaking news with a way. see that guy? the flyers have hired their new head coach. general manager, ron hextall now, don't get your hextall and your hecks towels mixed up. ren hucks tally a announced this morning, that dave hackstall has been named the 19th head coach the flyers. yes, the 19th coach in our history. so, this coach here, spent the last 11 seasons as the head coach at the university of north dakota so if you know college hockey, am i pronouncing this flew guy's
9:39 am
name? i'm going hakstol. not to be confused when hextall. anyway ron hakstol brett played for this guy at the university of north dakota really good college hockey team quite often in the frozen floor. so we'll learn more about him today. have little press conference about midday then have more info on new head coach 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 news here on fox. it is time for breakfast with bob. >> guess where he is? >> see where bradley cooper is? in upper darby, at the diner there? let's see if bob is until the same boot with a actor sit being across from him? >> eating raisin bran? >> i think so. >> i'm in the same boot eating raisin bran, but no one across from me the big question is what did jennifer
9:40 am
laurence have on that first date? >> she had tuna fish sandwich. >> no, he had raisin bran. she had hot tea. >> that was it? >> that's it, on the first date here. that will was it. and made fame thus boot here,. >> all of the folks out here, this is one of the famous spots where the folks come, in first thing they ask for especially on the first date, with late night date here at the diner. they come in and say we want to sit in the booth. they know exactly what they mean by the boot. take a little tour there is place has been here for years. we will come down here, this couple hi, your name, hon? >> debbie. >> friend of mine joe. >> joe celebrating? >> eighty-first birthday. >> happy birthday to joe. the big eight one here today. >> is she treating? >> yes. >> sure? >> damn right.
9:41 am
>> i'm not washing dishes. i'm if the going to pay. >> we'll take care of you today, joe down here on us, having somewhat of a little reunion here, tell me your name all about it. >> burt fogel man, and this is vince, original tuskegee airman. if i may -- >> go ahead. >> we took this two weeks ago took kids up from central and girls hi, took them flying at new garden airport in pennsylvania. very much involved with children and student and anybody who is interested in becoming a member by all means contact us. >> thank you for your service enjoy breakfast, come on down here, were you yelling and craze when i got here. what's your name? >> i'm from havertown pa and i love good day and all of you at good day you do such an awesome job. and i came just to see you bob. >> thank you so much sweetheart. glad you're hear. breakfast on me. i'll talk to this fellow. when they got here one of the first ones here, tell me your
9:42 am
name and your honey's name here? >> what's your name, laidy? >> i just pick her up in the bar. >> she is kick you. how many years? >> fifty-one years. >> fifty-one years they've been together over here. congratulations to the two of you. >> thank you. >> now, what did you order up from the waitress here today? >> pardon me? >> what did you order up? >> eggs potatoes. >> ann tell you what, they got bunch of famous stuff here on the menu. we will go up here, and talk to some of our waitresses. who are getting ready to bring the food out here. do they have the food out here? we will go, can we go right back to the kitchen? where is the food we ordered up gang? here it comes right here, okay? >> raging cage on? >> home fries? >> toast with it, and i guess it is like a fried onions in there. >> little bit of everything. the raging cage on, all laughing here because i put in order for five, six items.
9:43 am
and they're just now coming out of the kitchen. so we'll sit down, here comes the pancakes, the eggs, the home fries if would like us to come to your favorite diner all do you have do is give us a shout there at >> that's the hungry man special. >> we'll get couple of boxes. >> i want that raging cajun. >> remember last hour we had santina from south philly, he's dealing with autism, ten years old diagnosed when he was five, and all the sudden when he started drawing dragons, it made him feel better when he was feeling anxiety. >> in fact now called the dragon master watcher did he do. >> that's one sue serio hold that up. >> mario his dad just delivered this in person. he said san teen owe made sure to finish it in time for the show to be over so could you see it. >> so sweet. nice job. three headed dragon. >> it is a three headed one. look at the size of the mouth
9:44 am
on him. >> and even put fox 29 on t thank you, san teen owe. beautiful job. thank you sue. >> i'm happy to model. >> sure. >> what is jen doing? >> finally talking about fashion at the billboard music awards. >> oh, let's do it. >> a lot of pants suits. >> a lot of pants suits and people say there is a three headed dragon at the top of the best list. three ladies, i say two, three ladies, killed it last night. we'll show you who they were, and what they were wearing.
9:45 am
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
9:47 am
so matt walks into keenan auto body, and we're on tv, so we want to thank keenan auto body the folks over there that own that place they watch fox philadelphia. >> thanks for watching us. >> maybe we should put little contest together. >> oh, what kind of contest? >> i'm thinking. >> the problem is we have contests we have to have a prize. >> that's your problem ya. but they get the prize, could be the pride that you have from winning the contest? >> pride is the prize? >> yes. >> nobody wants that. >> poor matt, he has recommends his car. >> he did? will he be able to come to work? you know he works here. >> he does? >> oh, shoot no wonder he sent it in. >> you didn't know that? >> i did. i just didn't want to admit it. >> oh, sorry. >> but still oh, so maybe -- oh, i see. >> he's having a bad day. >> i ruined it. >> don, you never would have
9:48 am
done that. >> my gosh, so mean to me. >> sore. >> i here's the thing, you know, you're having a bad day you have wrecked your car, you had to go in and get it fixed then you got to sit through good day. no kidding. let's talk about the billboard music awards, i've been schooled on twitter, hey taylor swift wasn't wearing address, she wearing a pant suit, are pant suits in? >> she wasn't wearing a pant suit. wearing a jumpsuit. >> what's the difference? >> pant suit is something that hillary clinton wears. >> oh, true. >> so there is a top and then a bottom. a pant suit is all fizzle. i wore one this weekend, and i didn't think i would like it to an event. it is cool. the only problem is, sipping up. if you have to go tingle. >> you have to find a friend? >> true. >> yes yes. okay, so this is what we will do. we begin with my favorite. i think she won. >> she looks -- >> i think taylor swift won the night. she is amazing, she tall, she is thin, some say too thin, clearly she is working out. you look at this, and it is overall perfection.
9:49 am
would you believe that she flew in earlier that day she was at her brother austin's college graduation at notre dame. no one had heard that. so it wasn't like she had ten hours to do this. she had to get it together pretty quickly. >> she must be so tired watch is she 22? >> listen, it is the glam squad, it is the hair, the nails, self tanner. now, she tied with another teen for me. the empire star's, i would say, cookie approved. had everyone sweating. everyone was kind of figuring out where the cut the, you sam -- >> you prompts i had me wide shot. >> there go. >> oh,. >> and she said, too, some places i didn't know -- >> oh. now, the critics are saying, one of them most amazing things that she -- >> too many cutouts. >> really? >> yes. >> too much for you? >> little too much. >> never too much for mike. what are you talking about? >> she kept her accessories to minimum.
9:50 am
then had the loose hair. okay? so people liked t everything else was not have a have a vroome because the dress was have a vava like a thousand, right? many people say jennifer lopez, she is tied for third for me, she comes in little second. >> that's beyonce's dress. >> listen, for me i don't know what it is i feel like she wears the same kind of dresses. we get it, you're hot. you look amazing but can you switch it up a little bit. >> alexi said the same thing in the commercial break this was like when sophia was wearing the same dress over and over again? j-lo we get it. you're 45 years old you look better than any 22 year old so many for taylor swift and you look hot. so let's come up with a new dress. okay? >> look at giuliana's dress, she lost a leg? >> a the loft black was n everyone likes the real plane black. >> black is the new black. >> speaking of orange is the new black. check this out. laverne cox, i mean, did she not blow everyone away?
9:51 am
very flattering frock if you will. >> she knows how to walk on a stage. >> she said she gets nervous about stuff still. that she has moments and days where she doesn't feel, you know perfect. >> hey, jen? can i ask you a question? is that is a question? what did you think every chrissy teeing and? is she hots g the show? >> hosting t i thought some of her looks were amazing. i did not like this jumpsuit. you didn't like this one? >> nope. >> you like the white thing she wore? >> i think so. >> did you like this, though? >> i like it was new again not always what we see. i like something new. she looks like movie star there. she looks like she should be his wife. i i thought she was appropriately funny and little edgey. a lot of people banning iggy, saying iggy, they didn't love what she did. i don't think iggy loved it either. i was watching the moment where she walks up, giuliana is like hey how are you wearing? she said i don't know. >> couldn't pronounce it.
9:52 am
>> had to check the back. >> that's what they are doing. >> what's that? >> she said -- >> trial transformation, we know she's had some upgrade in the top there you snow. >> what? >> boob job. >> oh, okay. i got you. well, did nice job. >> didn't get the hint. >> i try to be so sophisticated. and we're like what? ya. >> that was cool. >> it was. i don't know, a lot of christy people, like is she drunk, introducing megan trainer and she goes and then for a man who is is really like a brother to me. john legend. and i was like wait, that's your husband? >> i think she tried little too hard with the jokes. different part of it i think she tried little too hard with the jokes. but i think for the most part, it was edgey. it was so surprising that she went there with some sexual -- >> i don't know, for christy -- >> but -- >> thank you jen. did you catch madmen last
9:53 am
night? >> no, i haven't seen this final episode. oh, my gosh, and everyone is talking about it, i'm plugging my ears. >> i can't believe they would kill off his character. >> oh, don't say that. do they really? >> no, no no. >> don't scare me. >> ♪ ♪ pea past
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
. >> ♪ ♪ >> peggy? >> peggy yes. >> what's don? so don and peggy get married on the final episode? >> no. >> oh, my gosh, don't try to ruin it for me. >> so last night ended madmen? >> yes. >> i don't want it to end. >> i love that show. so we won't say anything about what happened in case you missed it.
9:57 am
dvr it, whatever. >> so the seventh and final season so the fans, they took to twitter to offer don peggy, joan and the rest of the family a proper send off. she said madmen tears are coming yes then another mad magnet. that's the thing shows so popular like this, maybe like following, it is so hard to end them. can you imagine? sue said she liked the way they ended it. so i guess -- >> yes, him having open heart surgery caught me off guard. >> became the president of tobacco company. >> really? is that how it ended? >> no. >> did he find happiness? done -- draper i want you to be hand. >> i but when he was thrown in jail that was weird twist.
9:58 am
>> all right, have a great day! they don't measure the diligence, the potential passion of a student. so it's really a measure of how adept you are to working out a problem quickly. but what if you're brilliant and it might take you twenty minutes, but you can figure out something if you were just given time to do it and show real brilliance. is that a real measure of ability and intelligence? what you can do in one minute on a problem? get out of here.
9:59 am
@r i%
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live from new york city it's the "wendy williams show." today wendy has the juiciest hot topics lined up and ready to break it down. and bill cosby speaks out on sexual assault allegations. we have the scoop on his controversial comments. and it's "trendy at wendy" just for you. now here's wendy! snep ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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